Shawn Barron

Certified Practitioner since February 2021

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Shawn is a natural-born sports person, he likes to win and get results, while working with Shawn he will make a point of helping you succeed in whatever is important to you.

Shawn has a 20 years hands-on background helping people with various injuries with remedial sports massage and manipulative therapy, in recent years Shawn explored hypnosis and trained with the Institute of Irish hypnosis in Dublin qualifying in 2017 with an advanced diploma in hypnotherapy, specialising and going on to qualify at mastery levels in pain management, hypnotic gastric band, street hypnosis, addictions and weight loss.  

Shawn is a keen sports person with 42 years practice in karate and achieved 5th dan black belt and various world, European and national titles in competition and continues as squad coach of the Ulster Karate Federation and regularly leads group mindset, hypnosis and sports performance sessions

More recently Shawn while exploring more deeply the mind-body connection this lead him to investigate, learn and integrate Havening Techniques within his busy practice with positive results for his clients

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Areas of specialization

Addictions, Alcohol abuse, Drug abuse, Food addiction, Gambling addiction, Quit smoking, Anger management, Anxiety, Fear of flying, Panic attacks, Phobias, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Eating disorders, Exam nerves, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Obsessions and compulsions, Pain management, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Public speaking, Relaxation, Insomnia, Sports performance, Stress, Weight loss, Gastric band hypnotherapy, Adolescents, Grief, Interview Nerves, Self-Belief, Self-Development, Shyness, Belief Creation, Confidence, Empowerment, Weight, Bereavement