Mikael Hoffmann

Certified Practitioner since November 2015

+45 - 21 79 18 50
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Mikael Hoffmann is a psychotherapist, counselor, stress-coach, consultant, teacher, speaker and mentor-coach, self-employed since 1994.

His extensive knowledge of behaviours and management derive from his 12 years at sea with the Merchant Marine with crews from many cultures, where he acted as shipmate and retired as captain. Later he certified as Navel Architect (Engineer), which has made him very organized. With focus and goal setting as his strength’s he helps his clients.

Mikael is an open minded person with good humor who can see situations from many perspectives. His approach to the therapy is light and joyful, and this enables the clients to open up faster. These qualities have made him the number one relationship therapist in Copenhagen. His client’s range from helping people getting a better career, to ensuring couples long lasting relationships. His passion is helping people having their lives back.

He coaches and organizes workshops, courses and lectures both in Denmark and abroad.