Valeria Bidoli

Certified Practitioner since February 2021

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I'm a passionate about mental health and well-being, and I find joy in empowering individuals to find their path to balance, happiness and harmony through understanding and breaking self-limiting belief systems and releasing repressed emotions and energy. 

Since discovering The Havening Techniques®, they have became a central part of my work in facilitating holistic deep change with my clients and I fully integrate them into my practice. 


I am a Holistic Therapist and I incorporate the Body, Mind, Spirit approach to healing by utilizing alternative cutting-edge techniques.


I hold a judgment-free and loving space for your transformation to unfold. I am prepared to feel with you, to laugh with you, and to cry with you. As a result, you will feel safe and comfortable and be able to go back to the truth of who you are and always were meant to be.



The Havening Techniques®

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mind coaching

Rapid Transformational Therapy ®


Time Line Therapy ® 

Emotional Freedom Techniques® 

I am also a Reiki master and Energy Healing practitioner



Areas of specialization

Anxiety, Childbirth, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Public speaking, Relaxation, Stress, Grief, Self-Belief, Self-Development, Confidence, Empowerment


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Painful memory

This was my first Havening session; I had looked at the information online so I understood it in theory but had never experienced this kind of therapy.
Valeria did a great job of explaining about types and levels of consciousness and whilst we chatted a sad memory arose that we briefly discussed, but it was not a deep analysis or the going over and over of feelings which many therapies insist on, it was just an acknowledgement of the emotional pain.
I found the therapy amazingly easy to do, it was very gentle and yet it had a profound effect on the pain associated with the memory. Afterwards I felt quite different, better in a subtle way, comforted.
Valeria was patient and caring and has an innate understanding of how we hold emotional wounds. I found her clear and concise, and she controlled the session gently but firmly.
I will definitely use this Havening therapy, and Valeria again.
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