Marianne LiBretto

Certified Practitioner since July 2015

1 (516) 997-5852 (office) 1 (516) 673-1758 (cell)
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Ms. LiBretto is a New York State licensed mental health counselor, critical incident trauma specialist, and an emotional intelligence success coach.  She is certified in acute traumatic stress management, anger management, disaster crisis/trauma counseling (FEMA), mental health first aid, addiction recovery coaching, and Havening Techniques(R). Ms. LiBretto has an eclectic healing arts private practice.  She  effectively motivates her clients to move forward with their lives. Adding Havening Techniques(r) to her work has been hugely successful for all of her clients, many of whom have included first responders, healthcare workers, professional teachers, executives, and veterans.  

Ms. LiBretto has been a frequent facilitator at the Havening Techniques trainings of Drs. Ruden, Donna Ryen, Louise Carmi, and Dr. Kate Truitt from 2015 to 2021.  She served on the’s US Veterans Committee.  She was selected in 2021 by Dr. Kate Truitt, Havening Techniques Certified Trainer and Global Director of Continuing Education to join the Kate Truitt & Associates Corporation to serve as a Havening Techniques Certification Consultant, working directly with new delegates.  She was formerly on staff at North Shore University Hospital as a senior biofeedback therapist, medical resident instructor (at the Cohn Pain Management Center, the Center for Neuropsychological Services), and a member of the hospital's Complementary and Alternative Steering and Education Committees.

Ms. LiBretto works with corporations to provide critical incident work that includes stress/trauma/grief management services through employee assistance programs (EAPs).  Her coaching and Havening Techniques(R) services are provided worldwide via telehealth.  She is currently working with managers and employees addressing challenges surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic.  

She has served on several board of director positions and has a frequent contributor of health and wellness articles for Long Island GEM Magazine, Newsday's Wellness Magazine, and journalists' blogs.

Ms. LiBretto, a New York resident, hails originally from Copenhagen Denmark. She enjoys traveling frequently to the U.S. West coast and Europe to visit with her family and friends.


309 Madison St. Suite 7 Westbury, N.Y. 11590