Havening Techniques Training, Edinburgh, Scotland

May 19th 2018 10:00am-6:00am & May 20th 2010 10:00am-6:00pm

Carol Robertson

Join us, a small group, in a special place, for a weekend of participant-centered learning. Discover for yourself both the changes that are experienced, the scientific and biological theories of how these innovative processes work, and how to best use Havening Touch® and the many different Havening Techniques® to help either yourself or others.

For detailed information about the three stages of the practitioner certification process see


Stage One includes: Pre-course online material, such as videos, audio, and other information and the official educational pack composed of a primer, booklet and DVDS.

Two-day training course

Working with a great team of assistants, we will use experiential learning methods, such as demonstrations, Havening, being Havened, observing and sharing experiences and insights, use of Neurosky to explore brainwaves and heart-rate variables, using technology to illustrate electrical field, drawing, video, powerpoint, diagrams, metaphors, drama, quizzes, unpacking sessions, and looking at the material in different ways to make learning easy. Answering questions about how to use Havening and what kind of results are often experienced. I am particularly interested in sharing key principles, explaining 'tools' and their 'uses and likely outcomes' to form a solid foundation. This training enables creativity, confidence and high success rates.

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