Havening Techniques Training -- Louisville Kentucky USA

January 26th 2019 9:00am-6:00pm & January 27th 2019 9:00am-6:00pm

Harry Pickens

Each day will combine keynote presentations with practical demonstrations. You will also receive one-on-one and small group instruction by seasoned practitioners on how to apply the techniques.

During our time together, primary focus will be placed in three areas. 


The first is exploring the basic science behind Havening, including how memories are encoded traumatically, how psychosensory/electroceutical interventions work, and how touch creates electrochemical changes in the brain allowing both for depotentiation of traumatically encoded memories as well as for amplifying and stabilizing positive qualities and states. 

We will overview the three elements (touch, attention, imagination), four components (activation, distraction, transpiration, amplification), and five principles (electroceutical intervention, traumatic encoding, amygdala depotentiation, state intensification, and self-directed neuroplasticity) that form the foundation of the Havening Techniques®.


The second is learning about the basic Havening protocols and their variations, which include Event Havening and Transpirational Havening for amygdala depotentiation as well as additional Havening interventions drawn from positive psychology research that work to build resilience, increase self-awareness, boost motivation, and optimize well-being.


The third area is practice. Approximately 50% of training time is spent in dyads, triads, and small groups where you will be practicing the core protocols, both as client and facilitator, and receiving feedback and guidance from experienced practitioners and trainers.

In addition to these three primary areas of focus, we will also devote time on Day 2 for:

 a) an exploration of scope of practice and ethical guidelines; and b) a conversation about possible next steps, including the Certified Practitioner program, new Havening Techniques® research initiatives, local and virtual practice groups, and advanced Havening Techniques workshops.

This training is ideal for Psychotherapists, Hypnotherapists, CBT specialists, Psychologists, Medical Practitioners, Nurses, Complementary Health Practitioners, Occupational Therapists, Teachers, Emergency Services including First Responders, EMDR Practitioners, EFT/TFT Practitioners, Executive/Wellness/Life Coaches and other personal development specialists.

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