International one-to-one training with Carol Robertson PhD

December 30th 2020 10:15am-5:30pm

Carol Robertson

Start training when you want to, what a great way to spend Christmas 2020  

Hi, do please contact me for more information about this training, and we can discuss how we can shape the course for your specific needs and interests. We will also cover the approved curriculum. You can study with me one-to-one or as a group.

I explain the course in brief below, and here is a little bit about me (there is a full CV on my website). On the earliest training in 2013, I learned from Dr Ronald Ruden, Paul McKenna and Deborah Tom. I found this new information made a massive and useful difference to my understanding of learning and change. Becoming one of the first five trainers has meant that over the years, I have learned more and more about the versatility of these psychosensory techniques. I design your training, using that extensive knowledge base. 

In this program, I have woven the two stages of the approved 'Havening Techniques Practitioner Certification Training' course together. For detailed information about these two stages, please see my website

This structure helps to enable practical and easy integration of the scientific concepts into your practice. It also provides ample time for you to explore, learn, and to gain confidence in using the Havening Techniques. The course can run in a period of up to eight months, and you may choose the pace, some people like to do it much quicker.


We engage together via Zoom calls, and we will cover the science, the various Havening Techniques and Havening Touch, discussing the protocols and principles. I aim to answer all your questions, share insights, discuss cases, and support your learning ( in an informal way). You will have the use of the educational material and study base on the portal at while training and also once you are a certified Havening Practitioner. Access the closed Havening forum on Facebook. Here both the Drs Ruden, and many trainers, practitioners and students take an active part, offering advice, and sharing their ideas and insights. You can join in and also find practice partners from all over the world.

On your successful completion of the course, as your trainer, I will recommend your certification as a practitioner from the Havening Techniques HQ, in New York.


Do get in touch for further details, I am always happy to answer questions about Havening.

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