Havening Techniques Training in Raglan, New Zealand, 28/29th November 2020

November 28th 2020 8:30am-5:30pm & November 29th 2020 8:30am-5:30am

Robin Youngson

This training event is exclusively for medical pracitioners

Havening Techniques® are a revolutionary, neuroscience-based approach to emotional trauma, PTSD, anxiety disorders and phobias. The practice is based on a detailed scientific understanding of how emotional trauma is hard-wired (encoded) in a part of the brain called the Amygdala, and how this encoding can be deleted in minutes, relieving clients of their symptoms. The detailed scientific explanation, down to the level of neurotransmitters, receptors and intracellular mechanisms, is researched and published in scientific journals, which makes Havening Techniques unique among psychological therapies.

As a doctor and medical specialist, I regard this new research as one of the most astonishing medical breakthroughs I have seen in my entire career. Doctors have long assumed that patients recover because of their medical treatments. Medical science, as a whole, has greatly neglected the human capacity for self healing. The new research shows that we have inbuilt mechanisms to cure ourselves of emotional trauma and to relieve a wide range of associated, physical medical conditions. The rapid results I witness in my clients makes this the most astonishing and gratifying practice in my thirty-five years as a doctor. I have seen multiple clients cured of PTSD, severe depression, severe anxiety disorders, sexual trauma, phobias and chronic pain.

The new science also explains why many patients can suffer chronic pain syndromes, and immunological or neurological conditions, that don’t fit into existing medical paradigms. It becomes apparent that traumatic encoding can include a wide range of pain syndromes, somatosensory changes, autonomic system dysfunction, and even allergies. Deleting the traumatic encoding has the potential to rapidly cure these conditions.

The two-day, intensive training lays the foundations of the science: traumatic encoding and the molecular mechanisms by which synaptic connections that encode the trauma can be deleted in minutes, using Havening Techniques. The training combines science with experiential learning and practical techniques. Participants get to witness the power of Havening first hand, in what is sometimes a life-changing experience.

Havening can be used as a powerful, standalone technique, or integrated beautifully with NLP, hypnotherapy, psychology or many other therapies.

The growing number of medical practitioners attending my training courses has prompted me to offer this doctor-only training course - a world-first! The program will be specially tailored to the medical and scientific knowledge of participants and will offer more detailed exploration of functional disorders, chronic pain and clinical presentations such as neddle phobia and panic attacks. For full details of the process of training and certification, see this link: https://havening.org/about-havening/become-a-certified-practitioner

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Raglan, New Zealand (either at Youngson residence or nearby conference centre)

Raglan, New Zealand

Raglan is voted one of the most beautiful seaside towns in New Zealand. Both venues are just minutes walk from shops, restaurants, the harbour and beaches.