Annual Conference 2021 - CANVAS OF LOVE - 33 Presenter 33 Hours 3 Days

June 11th 2021 8:00am-6:00pm & June 12th 2021 7:00am-7:00pm & June 13th 2021 9:00am-6:00pm

Steven Ruden, Ron Ruden
Kate Truitt
Steven Ruden
Lynn Demers
Julie French
Carol Robertson
Dr Ruth Mary Allan
Tony Burgess
Ivona Olofsson
Jan Carpenter
Eugenia E. Karahalias
Ron Ruden
David S. Chametzky

Dr. Ron Ruden & Dr. Steve Ruden

Cordially Invite YOU to

A Global Event

June 11th,12th, 13th 2021

Havening Techniques 8th Annual Conference

Canvas of Love

Exploring the neuroscience of Self-Love

An innovative path to well-being

33 Pioneers will interact LIVE over 3 days and present cutting edge 21st Century Knowledge in a learning festival.

2021 PRESENTERS: Dr. Ronald Ruden, Dr. Steven Ruden, Dr. Gabor Maté, Judith Simon Prager. Ph.D., Harry Pickens, Dr. Kate Truitt, Dr. Daniel Amen, Karen Shirlow Ulf Sandström, Olf Stoiber, Kimm Sun, Dr. Ruth Allan & Lilly, Eugenia Karahalias, Carol Robertson Ph.D., Ivona Olofsson, Stephen Travers, Jan Carpenter, Linzi Meaden, Doug O'Brien, Lynn Demers, Kate Coppola, Tony Burgess and Julie French, David S. Chametzky, Vivian McKinnon, Alison Shaloe, Kathryn Temple, Ronia Frazer, Satish Dholakia, Scarlett Lewis, Dr. Eva Detko, Donna Ryen and Erika Neil

During these days you will learn about:

  • Your personal well-being
  • Creating harmonious relationships
  • Altering ambient distress
  • Developing a preferred future
  • Understanding chronic pain
  • New understanding of loss and sadness
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Changing the lens of past experiences


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  • Fully virtual event via Zoom
  • Suitable for time zones all over the world
  • Recordings will be sent to all attendees

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Friday – June 11th 


8:00 am - LIVE demonstration - Paul McKenna 

9:30 am - Steve Ruden - Well-Being in the 21st Century 

10:30 am - Kathryn Temple - Love or Empathy 

                           30 mins break 

11:30 am - Ulf Sandström - Organic and clean Havening for a traumatized world 

12:00 pm - Ivona Olofsson - An anthropological journey into resilience, well-being, and love. Havening and the power of our belief system 

12:30 pm - Ronia Fraser - Find yourself again after Abuse with Havening 

1-hour break

1:30 pm - David S. Chametzky - Havening: Resilience to the Red Dot 

2:00 pm - Donna Ryen 

2:30 pm - Erika Neil - Havening with Energy Therapies 

15 minutes break

4:00 pm - Dr. Daniel Amen - The End of Mental Illness 

5:00 pm - Harry Pickens - Caring for the caregiver 


        Saturday -June 12th


7:00 am - Olf Stoiber - Truly Confidential - Stories from the Therapy Room 

7:30 am - Dr. Ruth Allan & Lilly - How to help your child deal with big emotions and uncertainty in a crisis using havening.

8:00 am - Jan Carpenter - Hoarding: Can Havening really help? Declutter the Mind to Clarify the Vision

                          15 min break 

8:45 am - Alison Shaloe - Heal your birth to heal your life. How to access implicit memories using Havening Touch 

9:15 am - Kimm Sun - How to Haven your pregnant wife 

9:45 am - Scarlett Lewis - Choose Love Movement - Next Generation Social & Emotional Learning and Character Development

                         30 min break 

10:45 am - Linzi Meaden - Suicide Loss Grief Journey: connecting to Sibling in spirit through Self Havening 

11:15 am - Lynn Demers - The opioid epidemic. A view of compassion. Lessons learned from a 3-year-old 

11:45 pm - Tony Burgess and Julie French - Tasty nibbles of inspiration: a closer look at Iffirmational Havening 

                     1-hour break(12:15) 

1:15 pm - Carol Robertson Ph.D. - Increase your creativity through Havening 

1:45 pm - Eugenia Karahalias - Magical Sleep Technique for Children: Guiding your children into peaceful, safe slumber 

2:30 pm - Harry Pickens - Creating Harmony with Havening 

                           15 min break 

3:15 pm - Judith Simon-Prager - What's love got to do with it

4:00 pm - Kate Truitt - Releasing the Bitter to Embrace the Sweet: Navigating Greif and Loss with Self-Havening 

6:00 pm - Satish Dholakia - Energy Healings at

                   Sunday - June 13th 

9:00 am - Ron Ruden - What I know so far at 

10:30 am - Stephen Travers - Empowering Questions & Creating a Positive Perspective with Havening 

11:00 am - Karen Shirlow - Crafting an understanding of Havening to a perfect stranger 

                              15 min break 

12:00 pm - Dr. Eva Dekto - Addressing Your Inner Family: A Critical Aspect of Emotional, Physical & Collective Healing 

12:30 pm - Vivian Mckinnon - The magic is within you, from dreams to reality 

1-hour break

2:00 pm - Dr. Gabor Maté - When The Body Says No: Mind/Body Unity and the Stress-Disease Connection 

4:00 pm - Kate Coppola - Havening with Sound: Super Soul Sound Healing 

4:30 pm - Doug O'Brien - Connecting with Loved Ones through time and space with Role Havening 

                          15 minute break

5:15pm – LIVE to Facebook for our 3rd Global havening Event 

Love always,