Self-Havening: Resilience Building in your hands

March 16th 2021 6:30pm-8:30pm & March 18th 2021 6:30pm-8:30pm

Jan Carpenter

About this Event

Learn how to use Self-Havening techniques to empower your healing and build a healthy neuro-garden.

Its no surprise to hear that, right now, stress is going through the roof. Recent Linkedin research found 75% of UK respondents reported feeling a high level of stressed right now. That is much higher than normal levels.

Never in recent times have we experienced a health concern that is so far reaching across the world affecting so many lives at one time. Anxiety about catching covid. The experience of unpredictable symptoms from zero to severe symptoms that are potentially life changing, in the short and long term, and in many cases fatal. Anxiety about losing ones job, and even more so for those who already have, others finding home working challenging, and others isolating at home, some with a sense of loss and lonelines and others with guilt that they wish they could have done more. In short many people are increasingly experiencing inescapable chronic and traumatic stress.

Stress was already causing rising levels of depression, anxiety, physical ill health and pain. Now many of us are far more awareness that stress depletes our immune system and sleep, increasing our vulnerability to illness.  Many are not aware of the relative ease it now is to let go of traumatic stress, thanks to Havening. 

Havening Techniques, developed from the best available neuroscience research, can help with many issues caused by traumatic and chronic stress. A resilience building tool, it involves self-Havening Touch of your own arms, face and hands, and as well as sensory input. This generates healing delta brain waves, the same delta waves our sleep generates to let go of the days stress, to deliberately neutralise stuck unresolved emotions, which form in the mind as a result of encoded trauma and the bodies reaction to inescapable chronic stress.

?In this workshop you will learning:

  • The foundation of Havening Techniques
  • Explore the possibilities of using Resilience through harnessing the power of neuroplasticity
  • The relationship between fear/anxiety and its impact on thinking
  • CPR (Creating Personal Resiliency) for the amygdala (where trauma memory is stored) for self-healing on the go
  • Neuroplasticity hacks for empowered resiliency development
  • Begin designing your daily program to build your empowered neurogarden

Participants will leave feeling relaxed and invigorated with a practical tool in the palm of their hands to let go of stress and build resilience using self-Havening.

This workshop is in 2 parts each 2 hours long:

Workshop 1 is on 16th March at 18:30 - 20:30 (you will receive the zoom link via email 2 hours before the event)

Workshop 2 on 18th March at 18:30 - 20:30 (after workshop 1 you will be sent the zoom link to workshop 2 )

About the Trainer

Jan Carpenter, founder of Turn Over A New LEAF, will be your trainer.  Jan has over a decade of expertise in helping individuals address their wellbeing and make practical steps to change their behaviours and relationship blockages, as a Certified Coach, NLP practitioner and Havening Techniques® practitioner and trainer, as well as a Qualified Social Worker.

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