Havening Techniques Training in Bromley, UK, 18th & 19th May

May 18th 2021 9:00am-5:30pm & May 19th 2021 9:00am-5:30pm

Fran Proctor

Join us in the way the world heals. 

Become a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner.

The Havening Techniques® are psycho-sensory techniques that use the sensory input of touch, imagination, and attention to create lasting change and enhance neuroplasticity. Havening, developed from the best available neuroscience research, can help with many issues that negatively impact a person's mental state such as distressing memories, anxiety, emotional trauma, fear and pain. Havening also builds emotional resilience. 

The program is designed for a wide range of professionals such as doctors, nurses, midwives, therapists, psychologists, mental health professionals, first responders, educators, coaches and many others. 

This two day training is the first step to becoming certified and includes: 

  • Explaining of how trauma is formed and the mind/body after effects
  • The science explaining how Havening works. 
  • Demonstrations
  • Open discussions 
  • Practical learning of the Havening Techniques
  • Q & A

After completion of the two day training and to continue to full certification, which will include support and guidance, the following will need to be completed: 

  • A science review
  • Complete The Code of Ethics Agreement
  • Submit 30 written case studies 
  • Submit 2 video case studies

Please note that upon certification there will be an extra fee (currently $99) to HQ to be listed on the www.havening.org website as a certified practitioner. This becomes an annual fee to remain listed. 

Limited spaces are available on this training. 

For further details of this training, please see registration link below.

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