May 27th 2021 9:30am-4:30pm

Fran Proctor

Havening: A New Approach to Understanding Childhood Trauma & ACEs

This one day program invites you to grow your curiosity in the way we understand Childhood Trauma and ACEs. The day will use a variety of lived experiences and share a new paradigm of neuroscience to prompt different and further ways of thinking. Based on these you will be shown trauma responsive ways as to what you can do professionally or personally to prevent further childhood trauma and additional trauma later in life where possible, as well as learning a way in which you can buffer yourself against vicarious trauma and stress. The benefits of Havening will be shared, a mind-body modality that can heal at any age past childhood trauma and adversity, dissolving many of the psychological and physiological effects in the present, whilst changing life trajectories.

Objective of the program:

To add more value and further develop the understanding around childhood trauma & aces, whilst creating new opportunities that offer compassion, hope and healing in the lives of others. 

This one day program is for:

Anyone who wishes to grow their curiosity in these areas. Those who live alongside or professionally work with those affected by childhood trauma/aces (including those of an adult age) such as - Social workers. Foster carers. Educational professionals. Doctors and nurses. Kinship carers. Police. Young offenders and prison officers. Teachers. Adoptive parents. Legal professionals ie criminal/family. Children's guardians. Mental health professionals.  Housing officers. Support workers in fields such as domestic abuse, addictions, child protection, immigration. 

This one day program has been created by Fran Proctor, certified Havening Techniques® Trainer and Practitioner. 

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