Trauma Summit 2022 with Stephen Travers Live In Person

June 13th 2022 8:45am-5:45pm & June 14th 2022 8:45am-5:30pm

Stephen Travers

An Introduction To Havening For Healing Trauma

with Stephen Travers, Director of UK & International Havening 

 Monday 13th June at 1.15pm – 2.30pm


The Trauma Summit will bring together the world’s leading experts in the field of trauma and trauma recovery to present their latest research and understanding of trauma and how it affects individuals, families and communities.

The Trauma Summit is a place to network, engage, share and explore the very latest in trauma research either in-person or virtually.

Delegates will have the opportunity to engage and ask questions throughout the conference and some of our speakers will do a live Q&A after their keynote presentations. 

Speakers include:

  • Dr Bruce Perry
  • Gabor Mate
  • Stephen Travers
  • Janina Fisher
  • Stephen Porges
  • Betsy Polatin
  • Deb Dana
  • Dan Siegel



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The ICC, 2 Lanyon Pl, Belfast BT1 3WH, United Kingdom

The ICC, 2 Lanyon Pl, Belfast BT1 3WH, United Kingdom