Havening Techniques training in Stafford (UK)

May 9th 2017 8:45am-6:00pm & May 10th 2017 8:45am-6:00pm

Louise McKay , Tony Burgess
Julie French
Ian McKay

Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th May 2017 in Stafford area, UK

Venue: The training will take place at a venue in the Stafford area, UK (to be confirmed)

Delivery team: Tony Burgess, Certified Trainer and Head of UK and Europe for Havening Techniques

Louise McKay, Certified Trainer and Deputy Head of UK and Europe for Havening Techniques

Supported by experienced Certified Practitioners, Julie French and Ian McKay

Times: Doors open at 8:45am, training starts promptly at 9:30am, training finishes at 6pm

£540 (£450 + vat)

Register at learn-havening.co.uk/booking/

Venue in Stafford (UK) area to be confirmed

Stafford, UK