Online Soothing Workshop learning Self Havening with Mark Wingfield - Certified Trainer & Practitioner since 2014 (UK Time)

December 20th 2023 7:00pm-10:00pm

Mark Wingfield

How will you feel during this workshop?

You will become more relaxed, feel lighter, possibly lose some aches and pains that were caused by current concerns

What will you be able to do after this workshop?

You will be empowered to handle current and future challenges much better and access the sense of calm you felt during the workshop

So what's in the workshop?

We will cover:

How you can take control of your health and wellbeing

What is Havening all about?

How Havening can help you - now

How to Self Apply Havening

A live demonstration of Havening

Some of the neuroscience behind Havening

Why the past is always present

How to harness neuroplasticity in your brain - and grow!

Boundary setting (simple effective tools developed from 17 years of helping people with all kinds of conflict)

How to create your own future - a template

Let's start to build resilience right now

Group Havening

Who is going to lead the workshop?

Mark Wingfield Certified Havening Techniques® Trainer since 2021, Havening Practitioner since 2014. 

Why is he worth listening to?

Mark has been delivering training in German and English since 1987.  He has decades of experience helping individuals with conflict - in a really practical way.  Mark has delivered training and talks all over the world to many different audiences. 

He is easy to understand, with deep and broad relevant experience.  He is described as very supportive, enjoys smiling and recommends it highly!

To see videos of Mark, go to 

How do I book?

From the page you land on at the bottom is a hyperlink to a Training Page.

Choose "Online Soother Workshop" and the date that you wish to book - please note you will see just 1 day listed, not to be confused with Practitioner Training events which always take place over more than 1 day.  Go to the website page prompted to pay via PayPal immediately or send a message to us via the website and we will send booking details


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Online Havening Soother Workshop with Mark Wingfield - Certified Trainer & Practitioner since 2014