HAVENING TOUCH FOR CHILDBIRTH: A psychosensory approach

June 9th 2024 11:00am-5:00pm

Kimm Sun
Yiska Obadia


Are you a birth professional who supports women and families in labor and beyond?

Are you interested in a touch tool that releases Oxytocin and works rapidly to soothe and calm?

Are you fascinated with the neuro-phsysiology of Labor?

Could you use a self-care tool for your own self-resilience, and to prevent secondary traumatic stress the workers experience?

HAVENING TOUCH FOR CHILDBIRTH is a workshop designed for nurses, midwives, doulas, doctors, or anyone working with pregnancy and labor.


·       Stress and Anxiety Relief: Rapidly bring a client to a state of calm with Havening Touch anytime.

·       Touchstone moments: The right time to apply Havening Touch during labor.

·       Havening pre-labor: Help client move through any fears into feeling grounded before labor starts.

·       Postpartum Havening: Improving breastfeeding, bonding and restfulness.

·       Neuroscience Insights: Learn about neuro-plasticity of the pregnant mind.

·       Prevention of Secondary Traumatic Stress: Learn how to build your own resilience through self-havening, as a preventative measure against secondary traumatic stress.

The course includes a 6-hour online workshop, followed by 3 months of ongoing support, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.


What a doula had to say about our training:

“Havening training with Kimm has revolutionized my work.”

I am a doula, educator, and maternity care advocate on the front lines of birth in New York City - a tough obstetrical climate. The families I support are benefiting hugely from Havening and my new skill set, especially when they are navigating anxiety or a prior traumatic birth.

My own family is happier too. Havening has proved to be an incredibly effective tool for my own birth worker stress, helping me to be a kinder, more present mom and partner even when the work is challenging me at every turn. Kimm is an original thinker; inspiring midwife; and the gentlest, fiercest birth advocate imaginable. Learning Havening with Kimm has reignited my spirit.

I’m feeling hopeful that change is possible, one healthy human at a time.

Mary Esther Malloy, Mindful Birth, NY.




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HAVENING TOUCH FOR CHILDBIRTH: A psychosensory approach