Summer Havening Techniques Training ~ 4 evenings in July ~ with Becky Musta

July 9th 2023 -

Becky Musta

Havening Techniques® is quickly becoming one of the most sought after wholistic modalities in the world. Havening is a truly remarkable “psycho-sensory” technique that can not only help with distressing memories, chronic stress, and anxiety-based disorders, but these incredible protocols can also install positive emotions, create change, and help our clients to achieve their goals.
One great thing about Havening is that it can be applied by a certified practitioner and self applied. People all over the world have been learning and practicing Havening online, using what we call facilitated self-Havening. This is the reason Havening translates so beautifully to an online platform.  This allows the client to have autonomy, and those who dislike touch are still able to experience the benefits of Havening.

This program is designed for you. If you are a therapist, coach, hypnotist, energy worker, somatic practitioner, EFT or EMDR specialist, teacher, doctor, or nurse, you will love Havening Techniques.

Havening has been known to help with many conditions such as anxiety, depression, phobias, distressing memories, grief, birth trauma and so much more.

This training will be held once a week on 4 Tuesdays in July from 5pm to approximately 9:30pm EST. You will learn all the same material as in the 2day intensive training, only at a slower pace and at a time that may be better for you. 

You will receive:

  • the Online Primer
  • access to the closed Facebook page where you can ask questions of any of the trainers on the global team, the doctors and all the practitioners.
  • access to the resource library where you will find all kinds of videos, research papers, and templates that will help you get started in your Havening journey.
  • a, who will support you along the way to ensure success
  • 3 private mentoring sessions with me
  • entry into Mentoring Mondays where we meet bi-weekly to discuss case studies, challenges and successes.
  • you will be welcomed with open arms into a community of people who will all support you.

Join me in this fantastic training. It will be the best decision you will ever make.

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