Live in BROOKLYN. with Kimm Sun and Doug O'Brien, August 17 & 18, 2024

August 16th 2024 9:00am-5:30pm & August 17th 2024 9:00am-5:30pm

Kimm Sun, Doug O'Brien

The Havening Techniques® can help with many issues, including distressing memories, trauma, fear and
pain. Havening is a psycho-sensory technique that uses the sensory input of touch plus imagination and
verbal interaction to create lasting change by utilizing current neuroscience, assembled by its creator Dr.
Ronald Ruden, PhD, MD.

More about Havening...

Havening targets encoded traumas by disconnecting related painful emotional components from traumatic
memories. The distress of re-experiencing an event is mitigated through a process called depotentiation.
Using the Havening touch protocol, creates delta waves in the brain. These delta waves facilitate an
electrochemical production of the enzyme calcineurin, which removes the AMPA receptors from the
neurons holding the trauma in the amygdala.

During this two day training, participants will receive one-on-one instruction by seasoned practitioners on
how to apply these techniques. Havening will serve as a perfect compliment to your present skill set or
even the basis of a whole new approach to healing.

This program is designed for, but not limited to, people in healing professions.

  • If you are a doctor, nurse,  therapist, hypnotist, educator, or coach, Havening can dramatically enhance your practice.
  • If you are a parent or teacher who works with children who have issues with self regulation or are “on the spectrum”, Havening is a fantastic tool that can help with that.
  • If you are a social worker who helps teens with anxiety or depression, or if you are a first responder who has difficulty after an incident on the job, Havening can be a great addition to your skill set.

Certification is an option, but not a requirement in learning Havening. If you are not a healing practitioner, but know that Havening will be an excellent tool for you to use with yourself and family member, then you can sign up for the  "Compete course without Certification"   at a discounted rate.  AND, if you decide after the two day training that you want to continue on to certification, receive a mentor and all the support you can ask for, you can upgrade to the certification track.

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