44 HOUR EPIC Annual Conference Live - DOUBLES

June 12th 2020 9:00am-11:59pm & June 13th 2020 1:00am-11:59pm & June 14th 2020 1:00am-6:00am

Harry Pickens, Carol Robertson, Ron Ruden, Doug O'Brien, Kate Truitt, Ulf Sandström, Steven Ruden, Paul McKenna, Stephen Travers, Kimm Sun, Donna Ryen, Veronica Monte
Ronia Fraser
Sue Findlay
Vivian McKinnon
Debora Casey
Megan Mansfield

Exclusively for Student, Practitioners and Trainers of the Havening Techniques

Come together VIRTUALLY with your fellow haveners from around the world.


Starting June 12th at 9am running CONTINUALLY to Sunday June 14th 6am (then WORLDWIDE SELFHAVENING)

?Symphony of Minds coming together to Inspire Creativity and Hope - presented in Eight Movements ?

Annual Havening Techniques Conference LIVE ONLINE - worldwide ALL timezones 44 hours STRAIGHT hosted by trainers around the world ?

Join US for this first ever ONLINE HAVENING TECHNIQUES CONFERENCE... and it last 44HOURS straight !!! YES you can join in anytime around the world and there will be presentations going conference/symphony is broken down into 6 hour time slots/movements Movements of 5hours of presentations/conversations and practice groups followed by ONE HOUR break/intermission.

You can come and go as you please, we will send all ticket holders copies of the presentations.

9:00am June 12th
Our symphony begins in London with Paul McKenna, then we sway back over the pond with Dr Steve Ruden in New York, then we minute to California for Dr Truitt and Team... that's our first movement then we break/intermission Lunch for one hour with Dr Ruden.

3:00pm June 12th
Second Movement begins with Judith prager in California, then to Brooklyn NEW YORK to Kimm Sun followed by Doug O'Brien, then we Intermission with LIVE JAZZ with Harry Pickens from Louisville Kentucky?

9:00pm June 12th
Third movement begins with Megan Mansfield from California, then around to the other side of the world with Robin Youngson from New Zealand ...more details to come...


please login to website and register through resource library


This event will be starting at 9am EST a Friday June 12th and running continually for 44 HOURS! Ending Sunday June 14th 6:00am EST and simultaneously 10pm New Zeland 

We will be opening the doors at the end of this conference 6 AM Sunday, June 14 to the entire world for a massive SELFHAVENING LIVE event invite all your friends.