Brisbane, Australia 18 & 19th March 2023 Live & In the Room

March 18th 2023 9:00am-5:30pm & March 19th 2023 9:00am-5:30pm

Debora Casey

Be the Change & Join us in changing the way the world heals “In The Room” in South East Queensland, Australia - March 18th & 19th 2023.

The Havening Techniques® are psycho-sensory techniques that use the sensory input of touch, imagination, and attention to create lasting change and enhance neuroplasticity. Havening, developed from best available neuroscience research, can help with many issues negatively impacting a person's mental state such as distressing memories, anxiety, emotional trauma, fear and pain and is also able to be utilised for coaching and performance enhancement. By learning Havening you are Creating Personal Resiliency, the CPR of the mind, which will unlock one’s potential towards a fully lived life.

This training will be held in person with Debora Casey, a Certified Havening Techniques Trainer and will be delivered in South East Queensland, Australia.

The training is designed for physicians, nurses, psychologists, hypnotherapist, mental health care workers, first responders, body workers, educators, coaches and many other professionals supporting health, healing and personal development. Havening incorporates seamlessly with many of your existing modalities and skill sets.

You will explore how mental hygiene as part of self-care is the change agent needed for overcoming obstacles that will allow for greater happiness, and thus create a world where people can free themselves of past traumas and learn to develop their own preferred future.

This training will be conducted over two full days in person, will be a blend of Theory, demonstration and practice in small groups within the venue. You will learn the neuroscience behind the encoding of traumatic memories and how Havening works to "depotentiation" them. You will learn how to prepare for and provide important Havening protocols to support yourself and your clients to recover from negative experiences and to enhance performance and functioning.

The practice times at the training will be supported by experienced Practitioners.  Numbers of new and returning students will be balanced with supporting Havening practitioners, to ensure maximum time to practice, answer questions and give individual personal support, maximising your learning and development of Havening skills. Pre- study is highly recommended, and after registration, resources will be shared. Debora helps create a friendly and relaxed learning atmosphere for participants.

The training will run from 9:30am (Brisbane time). The Training room will be open from 9am to allow time for refreshments with the course material starting at 9:15 am. The course material will finish at 5pm and can/will extend to 5:30pm if extra time is needed for Q&A. Light refreshments, Tea and Coffee will be offered. Lunch is not provided; the training room will need to be vacated during Lunch breaks.

This Training is the first step to becoming certified Practitioner. All following assignments will be done at home utilizing the certification portal online with support and guidance from Debora Casey your Havening Techniques mentor. All students must complete some preparation before class. Resources to support the training are included in the fee.

Training & Certification Mentorship $1950 (saves $125)

Training only $1125

Certification added after Training $950

Returning students from other Trainers $650

Returning students from Debora Casey’s trainings in 2022 - $350

*** Veteran/first responders and pensioner discounts can be applied, please discuss with Debora ***

Steps to complete certification are as follows:

    • Complete Science Review 
    • Complete the Code of Ethics Agreement
    • Submit 30 written case studies
    • Submit 2 video case studies
    • Submit application fee $99 (USD)
    • For those practicing in the United States, please note you must also complete the Ethics Course independently administered by Midge Murphy JD ($149 USD)
    • Signing the Practitioner agreement form
    • Havening Practitioner membership dues are $99 (USD) per year.

For more information about Havening Techniques, this or future Trainings or workshops and the process to become a Havening Techniques Practitioner, Please contact Debora Casey- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0437009256.

Venue to be confirmed within 1.5hrs travel of The greater Brisbane area.

Learn and integrate this technique into your life to be the best version of yourself
Become a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner!


"In the Room"

"In the Room"
Venue to be confirmed
Please discuss your preference

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